Bike Match

Bike Match


As more and more New Yorkers took to cycling as a critical means of travel, our art director, J Oberman, realized he had a bike gathering dust in his hallway.

He reached out to his social network, and advertised the bike as up for grabs. By the end of the day, J was waving goodbye to his old bike (through a closed window, of course) and another New Yorker had access to much-needed transportation.

J’s story inspired the team at TA to set up a #BikeMatch, because we know bikes are essential for so many people who need to get around during this crisis, whether it’s to an essential job, to run critical errands, or to participate in mutual aid for their neighbors.



Bike Match Offshoots

Looking to start a #BikeMatch in your own city? Here are our tips on how to do it.