Staten Island Activist Committee

You can make real, tangible changes to how streets and sidewalks function in Staten Island. The Staten Island Activist Committee chooses local campaigns and fights for changes on-the-ground in their neighborhoods, like bike lanes and new pedestrian plazas.

These are the campaigns the Staten Island Activist Committee chose for 2014. Come to the next Staten Island Activist Committee Meeting to get involved in making these campaigns a success:

Have an idea about a Staten Island street that needs improvements? Get involved to connect with a network of local Staten Island activists who can help you to make change.

Past Victories

Founded in 2009, the Staten Island Activist Committee has made big strides towards a safer, more bike-friendly borough, and rallied a crew of borough bicyclists ready to fight for critical changes needed on Staten Island streets. Following the hit-and-run death of bicyclist and Wagner College student Ronald “RJ” Tillman, the Staten Island Activist Committee partnered with the Grymes Hill and Wagner College communities to successfully fight for a lower speed limit, a new stoplight and a crosswalk painted near the campus to calm traffic. T.A.'s Staten Island activists also successfully advocated for the removal of a fence installed by a private enterprise that cut off public access to the South Beach Greenway and a local playground. They are also the proud hosts of the Tour de Staten Island, a fantastic 21.5-mile sightseeing tour of Staten Island neighborhoods.

Committee Chair

Laura Barlament, Chair

Contact with any additional questions.

Transportation Alternatives’ Staten Island active living work is funded in part through a grant from the Partnership for a Healthier New York City.