Press Release

Urges Council to Ban Both Hand-held and Hands-Free Cell Phones

March 2, 2001

Transportation Alternatives, a NYC traffic safety and pedestrian and bicycle advocacy group endorsed City Council legislation prohibiting the use of handheld telephones while driving.

However, the group called on the Mayor and City Council to make this bill only a first step. Expert studies clearly conclude that using a hand-free cell phone while driving is just as dangerous as using a hand-held phone. Researchers have found that the problem is the distraction of the conversation itself - not the act of dialing or holding a phone.

April 18, 2001

Earth Day Bike Parade
Sunday April 22, 2001
A fun bicycle ride for everyone!

Start: Columbus Circle
Finish: Battery Park
Time: start 2 pm; finish around 3:30 pm
Route: Columbus Circle to 9th Ave. South on 9th Ave. to 14th St. East on 14th St. to Broadway. South on Broadway to Battery Park.
Good Photo Opportunities: Columbus Circle (1:30-2:00 pm); Broadway and 14th St. (2:45 pm); Battery Park and Broadway (3:15 pm)

May 11, 2001
p>Commuter Convoy by Bicycle to the Brooklyn Bridge
For The Brooklyn Borough President Breakfast
Monday, May 14th at 8 am
On the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge

May 14, 2001

Set To Open After 40 years:
Manhattan Bridge Path Grand Opening with Department of Transportation Commissioner Iris Weinshall

Wed. May 16, @ 1 pm
Where: Gather at the South East corner of Bowery and Canal
on the rebuilt Manhattan Bridge Path.

- Environmental, Cycling, and Taxpayer Groups Say Voters Were Duped -

May 31, 2001

Trenton - Today five non-profit organizations filed a complaint in Superior Court against Acting Governor Donald DiFrancesco, Acting State Treasurer Peter Lawrence, and the Department of Transportation regarding the State's refusal to follow legislative directives laid down in the 2000 Transportation Trust Fund Reauthorization Act.

Issue 5-Point Plan for Next Mayor; Urge Candidates to Endorse It

June 4, 2001

NEW YORK, June 4—Five former city transportation commissioners and a coalition of major business, labor, civic, rider and environmental groups today issued a comprehensive five-point non-partisan plan for improving city transportation and called on the candidates for mayor to support it.

The plan — “Unclogging New York” — urges the next mayor to aggressively attack New York’s nightmarish transportation problems by:

August 29, 2001

Traffic Safety Experts Say City’s Dummy Red-Light Camera Plan is Smart Stuff

Transportation Alternatives (T.A.), a traffic safety watchdog group, strongly supports the New York City Department of Transportation’s plan to install 200 decoy red-light cameras around the city. Currently, the city has 50 red light cameras and no dummy cameras in place.


September 25, 2001

Time: 3 PM Wednesday
Date: September 26, 2001
Location: 32nd St. Between 6th Ave. and Broadway
(South End of Herald Square.)

We strongly support Mayor Giuliani’s plan to require non-commercial motorists to carpool if they want to travel south of 62nd Streets lower or midtown Manhattan from 6am to noon on weekday mornings.

All mayor candidates and prominent NYC groups support a full time car free Prospect Park

November 1, 2001

Until November 5th, thousands of Brooklyn families, cyclists, runners strollers and skaters will enjoy a quiet and safe car-free urban oasis in Prospect Park each weekday from 9am to 5pm and 7pm to 10pm. All that will change on Monday when the City rolls back weekday car-free hours, and cars once again rule the park loop. Transportation Alternatives' Brooklyn Committee is marking the day by renewing the call for a three-month trial closure of the park's drives to cars. In the short term, the City could easily extend summer weekday car-free year round. Now more than ever,

February 22, 2002

A recent anti-Car Pool Rule study by parking garage owners is "false and misleading," according to an analysis released today by two transportation advocacy groups and Local 100 of the Transport Workers Union.

Under the rule, "single occupant vehicles" cannot use bridge and tunnel crossings into Manhattan below 62nd Street between 6 am and 10 am on weekdays. ( See attached analysis.)