Bloomberg’s State Of The City Envisions A Safer New York

Vision Has Strong Support Among New Yorkers

This afternoon Mayor Bloomberg delivered his State of the City Address. In his speech, the Mayor unveiled a vision for New York where the city’s streets are safer for everyone.

“The Mayor’s commitment to creating safe streets in New York City has empowered neighborhoods across the five boroughs to pursue improvements like bike lanes and public plazas,” said Paul Steely White, Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives. “These changes make our city a better place, and they are supported by the vast majority of New York City voters. When we polled likely voters this past fall, 78 percent wanted safe spaces devoted to bicyclists and pedestrians.”

In today’s address, Bloomberg said that this year, the City will add more dedicated bike lanes and pedestrian islands, usher in the largest bike share program in the United States and increase the number of 20 mile-per-hour zones for schools. The Mayor also spoke of placing traffic enforcement agents at dangerous intersections and new Select Bus Service in Brooklyn.

“Neighborhoods are asking for help to make their streets safer, and these types of solutions can be tailored to meet communities’ needs,” added White. “The New Yorkers we polled were nearly unanimous (94 percent) in considering safer and more walkable neighborhoods important to their lives in the five boroughs. This high level of support is a clear indication that approval for these policies transcends any single administration.”

Support for bike lanes is high among proven voters no matter how they get around the city. The overwhelming majority of the voters Transportation Alternatives surveyed (60 percent) support bike lanes. Proven voters who own cars are equally strong supporters of bike lanes (60 percent).

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