Bicyclists Arrested While Demanding Safe Streets

5 Led Off In Cuffs While Imploring Police To Get Killer Motorists Off New York City Roads

Today at 6:45 PM, as hundreds of cyclists rallied in support, 5 members of Transportation Alternatives were arrested for blocking automobile traffic during a demonstration at the intersection of 42nd St. and 6th Ave. Among those detained were Transportation Alternatives President, Ann Sullivan, and Executive Director, Jon Orcutt.

Demonstrators carried signs saying "NYPD and DOT, DO YOUR JOB," and "NYC TO WALKERS AND CYCLISTS * DROP DEAD."

John Kaehny, Campaign Coordinator of Transportation Alternatives, and one of those arrested, stated.

"It's open season on walkers and cyclists on New York's streets. We saddened and outraged that the Mayor and police seem not care that 300 walkers and cyclists die and another 14,000 are injured every year. Our Avenues and boulevards are dangerous highways. The 30 mph speed limit is a joke," said Kaehny.

Transportation Alternatives demands that the NYPD dramatically step-up street enforcement of speeding, reckless driving and red-light laws.

NYC needs more cops doing full-time traffic enforcement on streets * not highways. Traffic summonses generated $16 million for NYC last year. More enforcement means more revenues.