Pedestrian Advocates Applaud Mayor's Plan To Calm and Control Traffic

New Efforts First Step Towards Safer Streets for Pedestrians

Transportation Alternatives, a 3,500-member NYC citizens' group that works for better walking and cycling announced its support for today's mayoral pedestrian safety announcement. T.A. has been an advocate of more traffic enforcement and pedestrian friendly streets.

New York is much more dangerous for pedestrians than other world-class cities. The toll in 1994 in New York City was 249 pedestrian killed, 12,730 injured. In Tokyo, a city of 12 million people, only 161 pedestrians were killed in 1993, the latest year available. London, with about as many people as New York, only had 164 pedestrian deaths.

Getting hit by a car is not only dangerous for adults, it is the number one cause of death and injury for NYC children aged 5-14. Today's announcement of stepped up police traffic enforcement and a more pro-pedestrian approach by DOT will help reduce the toll.

Streets For People

"We applaud the Mayor's move to calm and control traffic," said Paul Harrison, Transportation Alternatives Campaign Coordinator. "By combining traffic enforcement with pro-pedestrian street design, his plan will improve quality of life by making it safer and more pleasant to walk in New York City. DOT deserves special credit for developing pedestrian and neighborhood friendly street designs like sidewalk extensions. The next step is to get these off the drawing board and onto the street."

These pedestrian friendly designs, known as "traffic calming," might have saved the lives of the two women who were killed by a laundry truck at 59th and 7th last July. They can improve also quality of life in city neighborhoods by slowing down through traffic and making streets quieter, safer and more friendly. Many NYC neighborhoods, including Brooklyn Heights, Central Harlem, Sunset Park and Greenwich Village have asked the City for traffic calming.