New Yorkers Demand Safe Streets

Statement of Transportation Alternatives Executive Director Danny Harris:
Joseph Cutrufo -
(646) 873-6027

“Last night, at the corner of Park Avenue and 23rd Street in Manhattan, a reckless driver caused a crash that injured seven people, at least three of whom were pedestrians. On behalf of Transportation Alternatives and Families for Safe Streets, we stand with the victims and demand a quick and thorough investigation into the crash.

This is the latest attack on New Yorkers from our city’s dangerous dependence on cars, which has killed at least 201 people in 2019 and impacts every resident, whether by congestion, pollution, death, or serious, life-altering injuries like the ones suffered by the victims on Saturday night.

All New Yorkers have the right to safe, equitable and dignified transportation alternatives, especially the most vulnerable among us. By continuing to prioritize motor vehicle traffic, our city and elected leaders put all residents at risk and signal that the needs of vehicles are greater than those of people.

‪In New York City, we do not need hopes, prayers, and distant plans in the aftermath of tragedy, we need immediate action to protect the 8.5 million residents who use our streets, especially the 7 million who do not own cars. We demand acceleration of the Green Wave plan, the Streets Master Plan, and the rapid adoption of busways, like on 14th Street, which would minimize lethal car traffic on major thoroughfares like 23rd Street, where this life-threatening crash occurred."