Families for Safe Streets: State Senator Marty Golden Has a Moral Obligation to Expand NYC Speed Safety Camera Program

Statement of Families for Safe Streets in response to the December 11 incident in which New York State Senator Marty Golden and his driver attempted to overtake a person riding in a bike lane, and in light of new information that their vehicle had previously received 10 summonses for speeding in school zones in the last three years.

Families for Safe Streets condemns the recent actions of Senator Golden and we call on him to immediately make a strong public statement admonishing reckless driving and clarifying his commitment to the life-saving speed safety camera program in New York City.

Actions speak louder than words, Senator Golden, and your reckless and intimidating behavior on Monday evening, combined with your record of obstructing life-saving traffic safety initiatives, lead us to believe that you are not the champion for safe streets in Albany that New Yorkers so desperately need. We hope you will prove us wrong.

For the last two years, Families for Safe Streets, a group comprised of families whose loved ones have been killed or seriously injured by reckless drivers in New York City, has gone to Albany to ask you and your colleagues for an expansion of New York City's life-saving speed safety camera program around New York City schools. Both years we have left empty-handed because petty politics have prevented the Senate from passing this legislation.

Speed safety cameras are like vaccines - proven technology to protect school zones from speeding drivers. Senator Golden, we implore you to make good on your duty to prevent the senseless loss of life and injuries caused by speeding drivers. Use your influence in the State Senate to protect New York City school kids and do everything in your power to pass Senate Bill S6046-B into law without further delay. We aren't leaving Albany next session without an expansion of New York City’s life-saving speed safety camera program. You have a moral obligation to do the same.