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Utopia Parkway is an integral North-South street in Eastern Queens. Various high-density educational institutions like St John's University and Francis Lewis High School are located on Utopia Parkway. Thousands of their students cross Utopia Parkway on a daily basis and they risk their lives every time they go to school.

Utopia Parkway is unsafe. According to NYPD statistics, the section of Utopia Parkway between 26th avenue and the Grand Central Parkway Expressway registered 283 car crashes between 2015-2016. In just 1 year, this resulted in 81 injuries and one pedestrian fatality. 

We are proposing a redesign according to “Complete Street” principles, which are proven to reduce crashes. These include:

  • Reduced speed limit
  • Curb extensions at intersections to facilitate safer pedestrian crossings
  • More frequent high visibility crosswalks
  • Parking-protected bike lanes (sandwiched between the parking lane and the curb)
  • Upgraded bus stops, with shelters