City Council Oversight Hearing on Bicycling in NYC

The City Council will hold an oversight hearing on bicycling on Dec. 9th to address balancing the needs of cyclists with those of other road users. The hearing will also look at how well the Transportation Department has worked with community boards to review large-scale road changes. Read more about the hearing here.

This hearing stems from complaints, so if you care about bicycling in NYC, it's important that you attend to offer positive support. Help us pack the room with people who support safe bicycle transportation in NYC and who want to see more of it. You will need a photo ID to get into the building at 250 Broadway. The hearing is scheduled to start officially at 10AM, but we anticipate large crowds and a slow process getting through security. Please arrive more like 9:30 if at all possible, to ensure that supporters pack the room.

Yes, I will attend the City Council Oversight Hearing on Bicycling.

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Thu, December 9, 2010 at 9:30 am


Committee Room, 14th Floor
250 Broadway