Congestion Pricing: 5 More Days to Secure Much Needed Federal Funds
"The street has always been the scene of this conflict, between living and access, between resident and traveler, between street life and the threat of death." -Donald Appleyard

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A Mural Bears a Message: Not One More Death
3rd Avenue Mural
The Groundswell youth team has been hard at work to complete the mural in time for the unveiling ceremony on Tuesday, August 28th.
Please join Transportation Alternatives and Groundswell Community Mural Project on Tuesday, August 28th from 6-8 pm at 3rd Avenue and Butler Street for the unveiling of the 3rd Avenue Traffic Calming Mural in Downtown Brooklyn!

This summer, Transportation Alternatives collaborated with Groundswell Mural Project to honor children that have been killed by cars and trucks along 3rd Avenue and to promote traffic safety.

The Groundswell project team is an outstanding youth group from Brooklyn's Third Avenue corridor. They have worked under the guidance of acclaimed social activist artists Christopher Cardinale and Nicole Schulman researching traffic calming strategies with T.A. and designing a vivid large-scale mural that serves as the centerpiece of an ongoing campaign for safer streets along the 3rd and 4th Avenues.

On Tuesday, August 28th we will come together to celebrate the community's efforts and their vision for the neighborhood. The mural will be officially unveiled with a special dedication and speeches. Following the unveiling, we will parade down to the Thomas Greene playground (just one block south, on Douglass Street) for refreshments, games, street art demonstrations and a bicycle derby. Everyone is welcome--especially kids, grandparents and neighbors!

For more information, please contact Brooke DuBose at or 646-873-6020.

Take Action:

Join Transportation Alternatives and Groundswell for the unveiling of the 3rd Avenue Traffic Calming Mural.

Tuesday, August 28th
6-8 pm
The corner of 3rd Avenue and Butler Street
Brooklyn, New York

Reception at Thomas Greene Playground
3rd Avenue and Douglass Street

Transportation to the event:
You can take the 2,3,4,5,B,Q trains to Atlantic Avenue, the D,M,N,R trains to Pacific Street or the M,R to Union Street. It is a five to ten-minute walk from these stations.

Or, ride your bike!

Prospect Park Get Its Fair Share
Prospect Park: More Time for Park Uses
For an extra two hours each weekday, Brooklynites will breathe easier as they walk, jog, bicycle and recreate in Prospect Park.
Despite all the enthusiasm surrounding the announcement of additional car-free hours in Central Park (PDF) earlier this month, Brooklynites felt slighted that Prospect Park had been overlooked. But this week, the DOT and Department of Parks and Recreation announced a fractional closure of the Prospect Park east loop drive. Beginning Monday, August 27th, cars will no longer be allowed on the east loop drive between 5-7 pm. The only times in which Prospect Park will be open to cars are weekdays from 7-9 am on the east drive and 5-7 pm on the west drive.

Brooklyn has less park space per resident than any other borough. Increasing car-free hours in Prospect Park prioritizes the hundreds of thousands of Brooklynites in need of recreation over the small number of motorists who use the recreational loop drive as a shortcut. Transportation Alternatives has long advocated for the complete closure of Prospect Park's loop drive to cars and is pushing for a car-free summer trial in 2008. A Transportation Alternatives study (PDF) conducted in 2006 found that 4 out of 5 Prospect Park-goers would use the park more often if cars were permanently banned from the loop drive.

Take Action:

Join T.A. and local advocates as we celebrate the new car-free hours. Join us for an after-work snack as we reach out to park-goers about changes, and ensure cars respect the new hours.

Monday, August 27th
5-7 pm
Park Circle, Prospect Park Southwest and Parkside Avenue
F train to Fort Hamilton

US DOT Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Is, Congestion Mitigation Commission Named
Mary Peters: US DOT
US Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters' recent announcement will keep congestion pricing on track in NYC.
On August 14th, Mayor Bloomberg's congestion pricing plan easily cleared one of its first hurdles when Mary Peters and the US DOT announced that New York City would receive $354.5 million in congestion reduction funding.

The federal government has specified how the $354.5 million is to be spent: $213.6 million will go to 367 new clean air buses, $112.7 million to Bus Rapid Transit and $15.8 million to ferries. Washington also made clear that although the Mayor's plan is not the only possible traffic reduction measure, whatever the state approves must reduce vehicle miles traveled by 6.3%, use pricing as the principal machanism to acheive this reduction and be passed by March 31 2008.

New York's Leaders Name Congestion Mitigation Commission

More good news came this week in the appointment of some of New York's leading advocates for better transportation, environmental justice and economic sustainability to the commission that will review congestion pricing and any other traffic reduction proposals that are put forward. The Commission will include:

Andrea Batista Schlesinger, Executive Director of the Drum Major Institute
Kathryn Wylde, President and CEO of the Partnership for New York City
Gene Russianoff, Executive Director of the NYPIRG Straphangers Campaign
Andy Darrell, New York Regional Director of Environmental Defense
Elliot "Lee" Sander, Executive Director and CEO of the MTA
Janette Sadik-Kahn, Commissioner of NYC DOT
Elizabeth Yeampierre, Executive Director of UPROSE

For a list of all 17 appointees, click here.

Pundits are already commenting on the strength of pro-transit and pro-environment voices on the committee.

Although congestion pricing is on track, it's far from a done deal. We still need your support and legislators and community groups still need to hear from you.

Take Action:

To get involved with T.A.'s campaign to win congestion pricing, go to the sign-up page. To find sample letters to elected officials, draft resolutions and fact sheets, check out our resources page.

Don't Miss Out on the Greatest NYC Tour Ever, Late Registration Ends September 2nd
NYC Century: September 9th, 2007
Make friends and see sights you'll find on no other ride.
See New York City from the best vantage point--your bike! Linking New York City's breathtaking bridges and beautiful parks to its incomparable neighborhoods and famous waterfronts, the NYC Century Bike Tour shows you the world's greatest city like you've never seen it before. The Century is YOUR ride--as challenging as you want it to be and always fun and rewarding.

Register today and choose your route 15, 35, 55, 75 or 100 miles, all featuring scenic rest stops fully stocked with a wide variety of tasty snacks. Save $15 off day-of event registration prices by registering online before September 2nd.

Not sure if the NYC Century is for you? Find out more from Transportation Alternatives staff. We'll be at Bicycle Habitat, at 244 Lafayette Street (between Prince and Spring in Manhattan) and NYC Velo at 64 2nd Avenue (between 3rd and 4th Street in Manhattan) on Saturday, August 25th 12-3 pm. Stop by and sign up for NYC's best bike tour!

See you September 9th!

NYC Century: Volunteer in Central Park
Central Park: NYC Century Volunteers get the Job Done
Be part of the all-important Central Park volunteer crew!
Do you love Central Park? Do you love T.A.? Then why not join our Central Park volunteer crew and bring your two great loves together! We need hundreds of volunteers to help prepare our start area, register riders, manage the finish area and pack up the trucks in Central Park on ride day. There is no more important job than getting our riders off to a good start and welcoming them back after a long ride. We have four shifts available. Sign-up at or email Oksana at with your choice.

Where: Harlem Meer in Central Park, 110th Street and Lenox Avenue
When: Sunday, September 9th
Early Set-Up: 2:30-5 am
Rider Registration: 5-9 am (this is the most critical job!)
Finish Crew A: 1-6 pm
Finish Crew B: 3-8 pm

*Volunteers who want to spend the whole day are welcome!

High Bridge User Survey
High Bridge
Will the High Bridge be open to bicycles as well as pedestrians? You decide. Photo courtesy of birdw0rks.
Thanks to Mayor Bloomberg's PlaNYC initiative, the Department of Parks & Recreation is currently working to restore and reopen the High Bridge to non-motorized traffic. It is the City's oldest bridge and an important piece of the city's greenway network. The High Bridge Coalition and Parks Department want to hear how you will use this new route. The City is considering requiring cyclists to dismount and walk across the High Bridge and limiting overnight access to the bridge. Click on the English or Spanish link below to take part in this online survey. Your participation will allow the reopened the High Bridge to reflect your needs and ideas!

English | Spanish

All surveys must be completed by September 7th.

Williamsburg Bridge Bike/Pedestrian Path Changes
Williamsburg Bride: Under Construction
The Williamsburg Bridge north path is closed to facilitate bridge reconstruction.
The north bicycle and pedestrian path of the Williamsburg Bridge will be closed until September 14th, at which time it will reopen only on weekends (Fridays at 3:30 pm to Mondays at 6 am). Cyclists and pedestrians should use the bridge's south path.

In Brooklyn, the entrance to the south path is on Bedford Avenue, between south 6th and South 5th Streets. On the Manhattan-side, the south path meets the north-side path and the entrance is on Delancey Street's median at Clinton Street.

The closure is for long-term maintenance and repair work being performed by the NYC DOT. T.A. is urging the DOT to minimize the duration of this closure and open the north path as soon as possible.

Questions regarding the project may be addressed to:
Hugh Smith
Williamsburg Bridge Field Office Community Outreach Line
1-877-WILLYB8 (945-5928)

Livable Streets at Brooklyn Public Library
Grand Army Plaza
Grand Army Plaza is just one of the spaces rethought at the Livable Streets exhibit.
On August 31st, the New York City Streets Renaissance Livable Streets Exhibit will leave the Brooklyn Public Library, so see it while you can!

The Livable Streets exhibit has elevated the debate about how our streets can be used if we prioritize people and public spaces, while creating great destinations for social activity. By highlighting Brooklyn's efforts to reclaim space for people, NYCSR and Brooklyn Public Library have helped illuminate the possibilities of New York City's streets renaissance.

Directions to the Brooklyn Public Library Central Branch can be found here.

Do-It-Yourself Public Space!
Do-It-Yourself Public Space!
What would you do with 250 square feet? Image courtesy Tom Keough.
Ever wish you had more space to relax, eat lunch or play outside your home or office? On Friday, September 21st, you have the opportunity to make it happen.

New Yorkers from all five boroughs are currently organizing NYC Park(ing) Day 2007, a day where citizens trade street space dedicated to the private car for vibrant, public gathering spots.

New Yorkers are not new to reclaiming street space, as seen in the 2006 Park Slope Parking Spot Squat. San Francisco, where the group Rebar officially launched Park(ing) Day in 2005, hosted fifty parks in 2006.

If you are interested in expanding your community space on Park(ing) day, please email For more information visit the Park(ing) Day organizing page.

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