Bus to Move: Bus Cameras for New York City

Status: Passed
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Level: NY State Legislature
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Assemblymember Jonathan Bing
Senator Martin Dilan
T.A. does not support this legislation

This legislation will speed service for millions of New York City bus riders by authorizing the New York City Department of Transportation and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to operate bus lane enforcement cameras on 50 miles of designated routes. If approved, the enforcement cameras will be both stationary and mounted to the front of buses and will take photos of the license plates of drivers who are either parking in or illegally driving in a bus lane. Some driving is permitted in bus lanes, but only for turning movements. The fine for parking or driving in a bus lane will be in accordance to the City's fine schedule, but is not to exceed $115. Summonses for bus lane violations are not pointcarrying offenses. Cameras are only permitted for use within bus lanes, featuring clear signage and road markings for drivers.