New Study Shows Brooklyn Leads New York City In Traffic Deaths

Kings County Motorists Are Also Kings Of Speeding
June 17, 2013

A new study conducted by Transportation Alternatives reveals Brooklyn has the highest rate of traffic deaths in New York City and outpaces the citywide traffic injury rate by 21 percent. A total of 79 Brooklyn residents were killed in traffic crashes in 2011 and a staggering 23,000 Brooklynites were injured. Speeding proved to be alarmingly prevalent: Transportation Alternatives found 88 percent of surveyed motorists driving at unlawful speeds and observed 30 percent of those drivers careening through the streets at 10 miles per hour or more over the legal 30 miles per hour limit.

“With speeding motorists driving the number of traffic deaths in Brooklyn ahead of every other borough, the need for speeding enforcement cameras is clearer than ever,” said Paul Steely White, Executive Director of Transportation Alternatives. “Our State government must allow New York City to deploy this life-saving technology, and our Brooklyn representatives, in particular, should be on board.”

The report also showed that New York City Police Department precincts in Brooklyn issued 2,093 speeding violations in all of 2011, a number lower than the amount of speeding drivers tracked by Transportation Alternatives over a 12 hour period in four Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Citywide, speeding drivers are the number one cause of fatal crashes, killing more New Yorkers than drunk drivers and drivers on cell phones combined. Speed cameras are a proven solution: Washington D.C. saw an 80 percent drop in speeding related crashes due to the consistent, predictable enforcement provided by their speed camera program.

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