In Their Own Words

As the neighborhoods surrounding the G train continue to grow, it’s vital that their lifeline grow with them.”
State Senator Dan Squadron speaks up for better G train service in Brooklyn and Queens.
We don’t enforce the bicycle laws as much as we should, but we don’t enforce the automobile laws as much as we should.”
Mayor Bloomberg during his weekly appearance on the John Gambling show.

A. Currell
If the city is to establish a balanced, efficient and clean transportation system, the bicycle must be included as an integral part.”
Then-Congressman Ed Koch in a 1973 letter to T.A. member Peter Frishauf.
Mat McDermott
My district is crazy for bike lanes.”
Council Speaker Christine Quinn in a recent New York Times article.
myrtle avenue brooklyn
I believe it is time to examine whether or not a motor vehicle lane on the bridge should be converted to a protected bike lane, separated from both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. I understand that there are inherent engineering challenges that need to be overcome, but I have faith in your ability to motivate the DOT engineers to make it happen.”
Assembly Member Joe Lentol urges DOT Commissioner Sadik-Khan to take a look at the Pulaski Bridge.