Dmitry Gudkov
NYPD Blesses Vigilante
Bike Lane Barrier
Brooklyn cyclists can breathe a little easier. The NYPD’s 78th precinct has decided to re-install a protective barrier along a short stretch of the Bergen Street bike lane that is frequently blocked by illegally parked cars. The barrier, which is located between Sixth Avenue and Flatbush Avenue, was originally installed by local activist and long-time T.A. member Ian Dutton, only to be removed by the precinct. Late last year, however, the precinct’s commanding officer had a change of heart and re-installed the barriers to keep cyclists safe and the lane clear. Kudos are in order to everyone involved.

Joe Linton/Bronx River Alliance
Bronx Activists Win a New
Bike Lane
Transportation Alternatives’ Bronx Activist Committee, along with a handful of other organizations and local activists, recently helped shepherd a proposal for bike lanes along 222nd Street through the local community board. The lanes will run 1.6 miles, connecting Co-op City with Shoelace Park, and calm a busy thoroughfare, making it safer not just for cyclists but for pedestrians and drivers, as well. The City plans to begin installing the lanes this summer.
Bike Parking Goes Big Time
At the behest of local businesses—and with the encouragement of Transportation Alternatives—the City has ramped up its efforts to swap single, curbside car parking spaces for cycle-parking facilities. Since the beginning of 2013, the DOT has installed nine new bike corrals, and has received requests from local community boards to install a dozen more in the coming months. “My guests embrace cycling,” said Henry Rinehart, the proprietor of Henry’s on the Upper West Side, where a bike corral was installed in February. “Even those who don’t ride, they see it as a positive force in the community for walking and transit too.”
Andrew Hinderaker
Bright Lights for the Queensboro Bridge
After months of lobbying from Transportation Alternatives’ Queens Activist Committee, the DOT has installed new lights on the Queensboro Bridge’s bicycle and pedestrian path. The path is now safer and more appealing for cyclists and pedestrians and a whole lot more user friendly for anyone looking to make a self-powered trip between Manhattan and Queens.
Andrew Hinderaker