Reclaim: Spring 2013

Reclaim Magazine is a quarterly publication sent only to T.A. members. If you're serious about biking, walking and sensible transportation in New York City, you don't want to miss a single issue of Reclaim.

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What It Takes to Change a City

We are winning.

Bike share, pedestrian plazas and Select Bus Service are the proof. Play Streets, new crash investigation protocols and hundred of miles of bike lanes are testament too. There are public opinion polls, editorials in the daily papers, hundreds of thousands of daily cyclists and millions more who ride a few times each month that attest to the new normal on New York City’s streets.

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Lessons from the Web

Publisher's Letter

Critical Mass

Commuter Profile

Alex Vessels


Say Hi to Citi Bike

Bike News


Activist Committee Updates

Dispatches from the Front


Battling for Speed Cameras

Safe Streets

The NYPD’s New Approach to Traffic Crashes

Volunteer Profile

Stuart Post