Slow Down: A Study of Speeding on McGuinness Boulevard

The McGuinness Boulevard Working Group, a coalition of community groups and residents brought together by Transportation Alternatives, conducted a study of vehicle speeds on McGuinness Boulevard using a radar gun. The report found that the vast majority of drivers on McGuinness Boulevard – 66 percent – exceed the City’s 30 mph speed limit. To address these startling findings, the Working Group recommends the NYPD step up enforcement of dangerous driving on McGuinness Boulevard and calls on the New York State Legislature to pass the “Neighborhood Speeds for Neighborhood Streets Act,” a bill that would authorize New York City to use camera and radar technology to catch speeding drivers.

Transportation Alternatives works with community-based organizations and forms coalitions like the McGuinness Boulevard Working Group to improve pedestrian safety throughout the five boroughs.

Download Slow Down: A Study of Speeding on McGuinness Boulevard.