Safe Routes to School

Being hit by a car is the number one cause of injury-related death for kids ages 1-12 in New York City. In the Bronx, over one-third of the pedestrians struck by motor vehicles are children 14 and under. To help the borough's youngest and most vulnerable pedestrians, T.A. joined with then-Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer in 1994 to launch the first “Safe Routes to School” initiative in North America. With the support of the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee, the program at five schools in The Bronx, brought together parents, students, teachers and principals with traffic engineers to identify dangerous locations for pedestrians and solutions for fixing them. Since its inception, Safe Routes to School has become a national program, with hundreds of millions invested to make school sites safer for children to walk and bike to school. T.A. continues to watchdog the NYC Department of Transportation's implementation efforts on this issue, and advocate for a more expansive program that includes all of New York City's public schools.