Vulnerable Users of the Public Way

Pedestrians and cyclists are the most vulnerable users of our roadways. In the event of a crash, pedestrians are ten times more likely to die than a driver or passenger. On average, a pedestrian or cyclist is killed every other day on New York City streets, approximately 180 fatalities each year. The majority of those deaths are caused by crashes that result directly from violations of traffic law. T.A. advocated for the creation a new law to protect vulnerable users, “Hayley and Diego’s Law,” and is working on its implementation with District Attorneys’ offices. T.A. continues to work to inculcate a new culture of respect on New York City streets that puts the most vulnerable users, pedestrians and cyclists, first.

NYC Street Memorial Project

Every other day, a bicyclist or pedestrian is killed on New York City streets. Too often, these tragedies are treated as inevitable and perpetrators never face justice. But for the families and friends left behind, the loss is never repaired. T.A. works with the NYC Street Memorial Project to commemorate each of these deaths, and ensure that they are not forgotten. By keeping these losses in our city's collective consciousness, we are working for more respectful streets where everyone takes responsibility for his or her actions. Visit