A New Vision: Vision Zero NYC

Traffic-related injuries and deaths are preventable. The prevalence of their occurrence is the result of ineffective public policy.

Vision Zero is set of comprehensive policies developed in Sweden and aimed at a future in which no one is killed or seriously injured by traffic.

Philosophically, Vision Zero is based on the refusal to accept that human death or lifelong suffering from injury is an acceptable result of road traffic. In order to achieve this vision, our traffic systems must be designed with the understanding that people make mistakes and that traffic crashes cannot be avoided completely. Roads should be designed so that when crashes do occur, they do not result in serious injury or death.

Under Vision Zero, safety is prioritized over all other objectives of the transportation system, including mobility.

Transportation Alternatives’ Vision Zero NYC calls upon the Mayor’s Office to rally City agencies to develop a comprehensive plan to reduce citywide traffic deaths and serious injuries to zero.

Download Vision Zero: How Safer Streets in New York City Can Save More Than 100 Lives a Year, a report which investigates the critical imperative to reduce traffic fatalities on New York City streets.