Reducing Dangerous Driving

T.A. is pushing for the legislative, enforcement and policy changes that hold drivers accountable for their actions and create deterrents from dangerous driving. By working for more enforcement of existing vehicle and traffic laws and promoting the effectiveness of automated enforcement cameras, we can change reckless and careless driving behaviors. By calling for more in-depth investigation and reporting of all crashes, we can make necessary improvements to prevent others. With these efforts, T.A. can help police and prosecutors create real deterrents to dangerous driving behavior, and increase street safety for the cyclists and pedestrians who are the most vulnerable users of our roads.

Data Transparency

The major barometer used by the NYPD to measure traffic law compliance is the number of summonses issued by police officers. But just as the number of prescriptions a patient takes is not a good indicator of their overall health, the number of summons issued is in no way indicative of the lawfulness of our roads.

While various New York City agencies record the following data, none of it is readily available to the public:

And while various New York City agencies record the following data, none of it is readily available to the public:

  • What moving violation summons are most frequently issued
  • The results of the adjudication of moving violation summons
  • The results of a crash, including injury severity, location, charges filed and concluding legal action

Transportation Alternative is working towards better data transparency across City agencies in the hopes of make the statistics which delineate the safety of our streets part of the public record, so we can know where and how the most work needs to be done.

Recognizing Best Practices in Policing

New York City police officers have a difficult job to do, but often the NYPD sees a lawless intersection as less of a problem than a lawless sidewalk, despite the deaths and injuries a dangerous street may cause. T.A. works to recognize best practices in traffic enforcement, whether those practices are being tested out locally at an individual New York police precinct, making streets safer across the country or employed around the world. Importing innovative enforcement strategies is key to making policing affect safer streets. We are shaping NYPD policy by recognizing and encouraging pilot projects at the precinct level that are reducing crashes or cutting traffic violations. In addition, T.A. works to empower New Yorkers to work with their local precincts to develop smarter, more effective traffic enforcement. See the Neighborhood Traffic Monitoring Kit (coming soon!) for details on working with your local precinct.

View a presentation on International Best Enforcement Practices