Get Involved

Whether our buses arrive on time or trash is removed from our curbs is a product of action by our elected officials and City agencies. But traffic is no different than sanitation or public transit. The way our streets work and the way drivers behave therein is not a product of chance or an unalterable guarantee, but a product of City policy. To establish Vision Zero in New York City, we need citywide changes in policy and driver behavior. To rally the impetus for those changes, we need your help.

Join Transportation Alternatives and a growing community of advocates, community members and elected officials who believe the city should always prioritize the safety of people over movement of traffic.

Join Vision Zero

Sign the Charter for Vision Zero NYC. Every signature helps demonstrate the growing number of New Yorkers who need safer streets.

Report Dangerous Conditions in your Neighborhood

Call 311 to report dangerous driving in your community. If a local intersection is plagued by speeding, red light running or drivers failing to yield to pedestrians, 311 is a tool to track these incidents and demonstrate the breadth of the problem. Tell the operator that you would like to report a "Non-Emergency Traffic Condition."

How Fast is too Fast?

Our radar gun knows. Transportation Alternatives has a professionally-calibrated speed radar gun, which is available for lending. If speeding is a problem in your community, data as to exactly how fast vehicles are traveling is integral to changing the status quo. Documented evidenced like this can help you garner press and justify the need for traffic calming or police enforcement.

Legislating Safe Streets

T.A. is fighting for City and State laws that make streets safer. Check out our Legislative Action Center and sign up for our biweekly StreetBeat newsletter to find out all about how.

Survivors of crashes include people who are injured as well as the family and friends of people who are injured or killed. We invite New York City crash survivors to contact us, get involved and join the fight to reduce the number of crashes on our streets.

How Dangerous is Your Street? Track Lawless Driving in Your Neighborhood.

Download the Neighborhood Traffic Monitoring Toolkit (PDF), T.A.’s guide to watchdogging your own block. Modeled on the science of T.A.’s first-class studies, the Toolkit will guide you through developing the hard data necessary to support real change in your community. With the Toolkit, you can document lawless driving in your neighborhood, analyze your results and use your findings to bring about real change in your community. Get ready to understand your neighborhood in a whole new way.

One Story About Getting Involved

  For months, the Bronx Helpers had been working hard to make their block safer for pedestrians. But despite the 1,000+ signatures gathered in support of traffic calming, the Department of Transportation studied, and then declined to change their crash-prone corner. The Bronx Helpers are following an easy recipe for local change: Pinpoint a problem -- Ask for change -- Gather allies - Show your strength, in number and noise -- Spread the word -- Keep pointing at the problem -- Keep asking for change. Watch and learn about their story.

Rally for Traffic Justice 2011

On November 30th Transportation Alternatives, the Office of the Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and the friends and families of victims of traffic violence delivered thousands of letters to NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly's door demanding the NYPD hold dangerous drivers accountable.