Indoor Bicycle Parking

Lack of secure bike parking is the No. 1 reason that seasoned cyclists don't bike to work. But change is afoot. In 2009, T.A. secured passage of the Bike Access to Buildings legislation, Intro. 871. Allowing bicycles in buildings presents the greatest cost-benefit ration of any zero emissions urban transportation or green building retrofitting initiative. The Bike Access to Buildings law guarantees that employees who have space set aside for bikes in their workplace can no longer be refused building access by security or building management.

T.A. has developed a guide that details a process of securing bicycle access and illustrates a range of bike parking alternatives. Download it here. (PDF)

A list of architecture and design firms that can help your company or building develop bicycle access plans and secure bicycle parking is available here.

For information on how your employer can become a more bike-friendly workplace, email bike [at] transalt [dot] org to set up a consultation and presentation.