College Advocacy Tool Kit

Watch Ruby make her campus a better place to ride.

College Advocacy Toolkit:
Do you ever feel like Ruby? Ever wish you had a safe place to lock your bike in your dorm? A bike lane to keep you safe on the way to class? You're not alone. Transportation Alternatives' College Advocacy Toolkit, "Major in Bicycling," will give you the tools you need to win bike lanes, bike racks and and bike share systems for your campus. Flip through to learn how the basics of community organizing, how to work with your administration and even get involved in local politics. Scroll down to view the toolkit.

College Advocacy Committee:
Ready to take the lessons of the College Advocacy Toolkit to the streets? T.A.’s College Advocates Committee brings together students from campuses all over New York City to share success stories and help each other launch winning campaigns for bike-friendly campuses. Your education has started in the buildings of New York City’s renowned educational institutions. Now it’s time to take it to the streets. Find out about the next meeting at