Bike Friendly Business

Bike-friendly businesses support you; why not support them?

T.A.’s Bike Friendly Business program highlights New York City's most bicycle-friendly businesses throughout the five boroughs.

Bike Friendly Businesses are helping to encourage New York City's fastest growing form of transportation: bicycling. Why? Local business owners know that bicycling supports a thriving network of small businesses on a neighborhood scale. Traffic calmed streets that prioritize walking and biking and include public plazas have proven to boost local retail sales by 10-25 percent. Bicycling is more than just an enjoyable transportation choice—it’s good for business!

T.A. Membership

NYC Bike Friendly Business owners can now join Transportation Alternatives (T.A.) as official members! NYC Bike Friendly Businesses who are T.A. members are leaders in NYC’s growing bike-friendly business community and are promoted to T.A.’s citywide network of 40,000 supporters through priority placement on T.A.’s websites, communications and promotional materials as well as the NYC Bike Friendly Business directory, pocket guide and bulletin. As a T.A. member, you’ll receive free bike lights for all your working bicyclists and discounts for you and your employees at over 100 bike shops. Sign up today with a tax-deductible, financial or in-kind, contribution.

East Village and Lower East Bike Friendly Business District

The East Village and Lower East Side Bike Friendly Business District is a network of over 150 bike-friendly businesses, galleries, theaters, cultural and community organizations committed to promoting safe bicycling in their neighborhood. Participating businesses offer discounts to customers who arrive by bike, advocate for bike infrastructure (like bike lanes and bike parking) and educate their customers and the bicyclists who work for them on the benefits of safe bicycling.

Download a PDF of the Bike Friendly Business District Map.