Families for Safe Streets: Take Action

Families members at a rally

Help us end the epidemic of traffic violence

In our very first year, we celebrated a major victory in a hard-fought campaign to lower the citywide speed limit to 25 mph. Most recently, after building a coalition of over 300 organizations, hosting 24-hour vigils and marathons, delivering 400 boxes of pudding to an obstinate State Senator and even getting arrested, FSS won its #EverySchool campaign for speed safety cameras.

From transforming “boulevards of death” to getting reckless drivers off the road, we are committed to working with elected officials, schools, hospitals, law enforcement, and community organizations to end this public health epidemic.

Join us to:

  • Get dangerous drivers off the road
  • Hold reckless drivers accountable after a crash
  • Demand that all streets are designed for safety

  • Every bit of advocacy work is important. Join us for whatever your time and interest allows. From sharing your story, making phone calls and posting on social media to participating in lobby days, making signs or sharing your space, skills, and expertise. Together we can end this epidemic.

    If you have been personally impacted by a traffic crash, please join us.

    If you simply care about the safety and well being of all street users, you are an important part of this movement too.

    Friends of Families for Safe Streets

    Do you know someone who was injured or killed? Are you sick of reading the headlines and interested in making our streets safe for all? Friends of Families for Safe Streets was launched in 2019 to support the lifesaving work of those who have been directly impacted by crashes. Through financial support, attending events, signing petitions and taking other actions, you can make a difference. Join us.

    Sermons for Safe Streets

    Sadly, the epidemic of traffic crashes is one that unites us all. People of every faith, neighborhood, race, class, gender, age, ability and political affiliation are hit personally by this issue.

    We invite all faith leaders to use their pulpits, prayers and programming to remind communities that we are all part of the solution.Learn more.


    Traffic crashes are fixable problems, caused by dangerous streets and unsafe drivers. They are not accidents. Pledge to stop using the word "accident" today.


    Traffic violence is an epidemic which kills 40,000 people and injures 3 million every year in the United States. Demand that our presidential candidates end the silence on traffic violence and put forth a plan to end the epidemic.