October 8th, 2019: If We Can't Break The Car Culture, We Can Always Melt It

Should be pleasant if breezy cycling conditions today as the rain departs:

Tuesday weather

Tuesday Partly sunny, with a high near 66. North wind 10 to 13 mph.

Tuesday Night A 20 percent chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 55. Northeast wind around 11 mph.

Sunrise 6:59am

Sunset 6:27pm

It's Revenge of the Buses!

First came the 14th St. busway, then came reducing the cars to two dimensions and driving over them--and of course banishing them to different dimensions altogether:

Not to mention the shrink ray:

And the smelting ray:

When's the video came coming?

Do you like bike lanes?  Can you be diplomatic yet resolute as you take the floor before a roomful of irate parking enthusiasts?  If so say hello to your dream job:

You better believe that involves going to meetings where you’re going to be yelled at for destroying the “fabric” of a neighborhood, and by “fabric,” many community board members mean “unfettered access to every inch of public space by cars.”

No word if the gig comes with a parking placard...or some kind of ray.

Speaking of bike lanes, heated community board meetings aside, isn't it time the media stopped calling them "controversial?"

Basically, bike lanes are about as “controversial” as vaccines: sure, there are people out there who are against them, but it’s a relatively small number because it requires expert-level mental gymnastics to convince yourself that they don’t work.

Sure it is.

Some honesty in road signage would also be helpful:

The full message on the billboard read “cars kill kids, cars melt glaciers, cars ruin cities, stop driving! Get rid of your car, honking won’t help, cars are death machines, use bus, subway, or bike!”

DOT told Bklyner that the sign had been reprogrammed to read “Construction Eastern Parkway,” and that the board belongs to demolition contractor Gramercy Group Inc. A representative for Gramercy Group could neither confirm nor deny that the sign belongs to the company.

Yes, traffic signage finally has its own Banksy:

Apparently it's so easy a child could do it.

In the media, NYTimes op-eds are getting increasingly anti-car:

New York's car culture makes no sense.  This year alone so far, 69 pedestrians and 19 cyclists have been killed.  Only 16% of our bike lanes are protected in New York.  I think we can do better...

And finally, here's one for anybody who thinks there's no such thing as salmoning drivers:

And they're not even wearing helmets.