September 3rd, 2019: Back To The Grind!

Once Labor Day's behind us we may ditch the white shoes and consider summer to be over, but the weather's not buying it:

Tuesday Weather

Tuesday Sunny, with a high near 80. North wind 5 to 8 mph becoming light and variable.

Tuesday Night Partly cloudy, with a low around 71. South wind 6 to 8 mph.

Sunrise 6:25am

Sunset 7:25pm

Here's an exciting development:

Speaking of Labor Day, the NYPD didn't take the day off from ticketing people on bikes:

They're probably ticketing that family for not transporting the kids in an SUV.

The Kosciusko Bridge bike path is open, and the DOT says better connections are coming:

They also say what you already knew, which is that the whole "distracted pedestrian" thing isn't the epidemic the auto industry wants you to think it is:

Reports of device distraction are scarce in the New York City and national fatality data, and estimates of annual mobile device-related injuries are dwarfed nationally by pedestrian injury estimates where pedestrian distraction was not cited. In short, despite growing concerns, DOT found little concrete evidence that device-induced distracted walking contributes significantly to pedestrian fatalities and injuries.

Indeed, road deaths may have more to do with the fact that drivers aren't stopping for lights:

A new study from AAA finds red light deaths have surged, up 28% since 2012. "The problem is drivers are distracted, they're impatient and they're reckless," said AAA spokesman Doug Shupe.

Research shows red light cameras, which catch drivers in the act and mail them a ticket, cut fatal crashes by 14% and red light running by 21%. But outraged drivers call it policing for profit. 

"Policing for profit"?  That's like saying overdue library fines are "book lending for profit".  

Here's more:

It would have been nice to hear Polly Trottenberg question the concept of a "speed trap."  How is slap-on-the-wrist enforcement of an obvious law a "trap"?  This is like calling a subway turnstile a "fare trap".  

Of course if you run a light in your car and all you get is a $50 camera ticket that comes with no points then you got off easy, but try telling drivers that:

Oh please, just pay the two dollars and move on.

Meanwhile, the Post is just making up epidemics now:

It takes a lot of chutzpah to go from that to claiming bike lanes "defy logic":

Some of the lanes defy logic.

One that was recently installed next to the FDR Drive, between 33rd and 34th Streets, gobbled up a walkway and a vehicle lane used by ambulances trying to get to Bellevue Hospital.

Another on Eighth Avenue in Midtown stands out as an example of a poorly planned path that pits pedestrians against cyclists in a battle for limited pavement.

Tens of thousands of commuters headed to and from the Port Authority bus terminal on 42nd Street everyday overflow the narrow sidewalks onto the Eighth Avenue roadway, where the city inexplicably installed both a bike lane and parking lane in 2006.

He's right about one thing though, the parking lane does indeed defy logic.