July 12th, 2019: Your Weekend Forecast

Looks like yesterday's thunderstorm didn't bring the temperatures down:

Friday Weather

Friday Partly sunny, with a high near 90. West wind 6 to 11 mph.

Friday Night Mostly clear, with a low around 70. Northwest wind around 7 mph.

Sunrise 5:35am

Sunset 8:28pm

As for the weekend, head to the beach and stay there:

Weekend Weather

As for what to take with you, the Brooklyn Brewery Weekend Beer Forecast calls for...

Brooklyn Brewery Logo

...Brooklyn Lager!

Brooklyn Lager

With plenty of heat ahead, we’re recommending a particularly cold can of Brooklyn Lager this weekend. Count on its clean, smooth profile for plenty of refreshment, and hold the can on the side of your neck between sips for a little extra cooling down. Just make sure not too many people see you—it looks a little weird in public.

Or just drink it while standing in the cooler.

Starting this month Manhattan's most disjointed greenway will get some improvements:

Starting on Monday there could be partial night closures on the Queensboro Bridge bike and pedestrian path:

And today you can expect a full closure of the Ninth St. Bridge in Brooklyn:

As for the NYPD's Bicycle Safe Passage Plans, the bike lane ticketing photo-ops continue to come in:

Meanwhile, in the same precinct...

And yesterday morning the crackdown officially went into Full Irony Mode when the NYPD ticketed a cyclist after stopping in the bike lane to ticket a cyclist:

In Queens, Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer wants the NYPD to do something about all the cars parked on sidewalks:

In letter to NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill, Van Bramer listed off 11 locations within the command where he claims residents are forced to walk in the street with their children because of vehicles parked on sidewalks.

“The 108th Precinct has become the epicenter of rampant illegally parked cars on the sidewalk and in the street, in addition to placard abuse. The precinct is overrun with illegally parked cars whose owners have no concern or respect for the law or resident of the community,” Van Bramer wrote. “Fifteen cyclists have died this year. Illegal parking makes our streets unsafe for everyone.”

Which is a problem our mayor, Bill “You Don’t See Cars Drive On The Sidewalk A Whole Lot" de Blasio has yet to acknowledge even exists--despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary:


The cause of the crash is under investigation.

Hopefully they find the e-bike responsible.

But yes, it's true, even people on tiny vehicles with tiny motors can be a menace--like Captain Seersucker here who took out a Citi Bike rider while riding an e-scooter and then took off like Sherman McCoy:

Not sure vocalizations would have helped here, but hit and run is hit and run.  So if you see this guy browsing the linen suits at Men's Wearhouse be sure to turn him in.

Or at least confiscate his scooter.