June 27th, 2019: Sunny Skies But It's Raining Tickets

Hot and sunny again today:

Thursday Weather

Thursday Sunny, with a high near 89. North wind around 6 mph.

Thursday Night Mostly clear, with a low around 70. West wind around 6 mph becoming calm after midnight.

Sunrise 5:27am

Sunset 8:31pm

School is out as of yesterday, so the streets should be just a bit quieter:

Though if you're a parent your home most certainly won't be.

There's a new bike corral in the South Bronx:

A few more million of these and we'll have as many places to park as the drivers.

Tonight, riders will place a ghost bike at 23rd and 6th for Robyn Hightman:

And in the meantime it's raining bogus tickets:

Especially at the Manhattan Bridge, where the NYPD is ticketing for anything and everything:

As always, they're punishing us in order to save us.

And yes, that reflector ticket is total BS:


In his Daily News opinion piece, @BrooklynSpoke articulates what the city should be doing instead of ticketing cyclists:

To change this blind spot, de Blasio needs to get out of his SUV, off of his stationary bicycle, and talk to his constituents about why they choose to cycle, whether it’s for work, for exercise, to save money, to avoid subway delays or just for the love of it. He could even make an effort to attend some of the vigils that spring up in the wake of cyclist fatalities.

And Corey Johnson has spoken out against it:

Between the drivers and the tickets there's lots to be scared of out there:

Finally, the West Side Rag covers the Hudson River Greenway detour like only they can:

West Side

The new route stretches from 72nd to 83rd Street, moving cyclists away from the water further into the park so that they don’t crowd out pedestrians on the promenade next to the Hudson River. A cyclist slammed into a four-year-old near the Boat Basin at 79th Street earlier this year, sending the child to the hospital. The new route was funded via participatory budgeting arranged through Council Member Helen Rosenthal’s office.

“Mixing bikes and pedestrians on the Greenway, particularly in front of the boat basin, is problematic,” Rosenthal wrote in a message to constituents. “This separate cycling path will make the park safer for all of us, and I am urging the Parks Department to extend the path throughout the park wherever possible.”

Miss having a flat car-free cycling route?  Tough!


People are all for keeping the seniors safe until the seniors want to ride bikes.