June 21st: Your Weekend Forecast

Somewhere behind those clouds is this thing called a "son," and it looks like we'll finally get a look at it today:

Friday Weather

Friday A 40 percent chance of showers before noon. Partly sunny, with a high near 80. Northwest wind 13 to 17 mph, with gusts as high as 28 mph.

Friday Night Partly cloudy, with a low around 62. Northwest wind 10 to 17 mph.

Sunrise 5:25am

Sunset 8:31pm

Better yet, it will hang around all weekend:

Weekend Weather

Look at that, right on time for the first day of summer.

So heed the Brooklyn Brewery Weekend Beer Forecast and pair all that sunshine with a...

Brooklyn Brewery logo


...Bel Air Sour!

Bel Air Sour

With the first official weekend of Summer looking bright and sunny, we’re recommending the tart and tropical Brooklyn Bel Air Sour. Take it to the beach or trail, snag it for around a firepit, or just enjoy it wherever you can bask in the glory of summer.

Starting next week, there will be partial closures on the Queensboro Bridge bike and pedestrian path:

It's almost like the bridge needs another bike path.

And due to that weird annual electric car thing there will be bike route detours in Red Hook, Brooklyn:

Also, here's something to put in your calendear:

Speaking of the city's many bicycle riders, Hunter College has released a study with some data on their behavior:

Hunter College Study on Bike Usage in Manhattan from r/NYCbike

For example, over half of cyclists are not only coming to a complete stop at the red light, but also waiting for it to turn green:

Red Lights

Frankly that's more than I expected.

Furthermore, the gender gap persists, but it's much narrower among Citi Bike users:

Gender Gap

And of course they had to waste time counting helmets:


Another possible remedy might be to not worry about it--though you might still get a ticket, even though not wearing one is perfectly legal:

Anyway, there's lots of interesting stuff in the study, though if you ask the local news it's simply more proof of our wanton recklessness.

Meanwhile, on 2nd Ave., the forces of the 19th Precinct continue to fend off bike lane invaders:

If only the DOT could cut them a break and build some sort of barrier.  They could call the whole configuration a "protected bike lane."

Just spitballing here.

Finally, via a tipster, the long-rumoured  conspiracy among the DOT, the All-Powerful Bicycle Lobby, and the personal injury attorney industry could not be more obvious:

Maisel claimed drivers turning off Avenue X onto southbound Gerritsen Avenue were blind to oncoming traffic, which was obscured by the smiling faces of attorney Ross Cellino and his partner Steve Barnes — famous for their catchy jingle and widely televised tag line, “Don’t wait, call eight!”

And in an effort to peer around the awkwardly placed ad, drivers were forced to edge into a bike lane running along Gerritsen Avenue, endangering oncoming cyclists, according to Maisel.

That's high-impact advertising.