May 6th, 2019: Hell's Bells

So where was this perfect weather yesterday when we needed it?

Monday Weather

Monday Mostly sunny, with a high near 70. North wind 6 to 8 mph becoming southeast in the afternoon.

Monday Night Partly cloudy, with a low around 56. South wind 6 to 10 mph.

Sunrise: 5:50am

Sunset: 7:56pm

When it rains all day Sunday you should really get to take Monday off.

It's only fair.

Speaking of fair, the DOT wants to know where you go on your bike and how you feel while doing so:

In the spirit of fairness you should be able to full convey your anger when you go to use one of the protected bike lanes on the map and find out it's no longer there:

And of course sometimes you head out for your usual commute only to find the entire road service is missing, so check the milling and paving schedule for your borough and plan accordingly:

This past weekend the Family Fun Ride on Skillman Avenue showed the world yet again how bike lanes are destroying our communities:

And the 20th Precinct has some bike theft prevention tips for you:

These are actually pretty good:

In other NYPD news, the ticketing hotspot for Bike Month is shaping up to be the Manhattan side of the Manhattan Bridge, where riders are being cited for not having bells on their bike, among other things:

That's funny, I thought the NYPD "do not give out a lot of summonses for no bells on bikes:"


Go figure.

And finally, one cyclist who works for a "free market think-tank" thinks that we should all want more tickets:

New York City Council members are competing with each other to champion the construction of new, protected bike lanes across the five boroughs. I largely support that effort. But truly integrating bicycles into the streets they share with pedestrians and cars — to make safe cycling a norm in New York — will take something more: It will require that police regularly issue moving violation tickets to cyclists who break traffic rules.

What’s more, cyclists need to welcome such enforcement.

The hell we do.

Apparently the only thing you can't overregulate is bikes.