January 25th, 2019: Your Weekend Forecast

The rain departs and the cold returns:

Friday Weather

Friday Mostly sunny, with a steady temperature around 34. Wind chill values between 20 and 25. West wind 10 to 16 mph.

Friday Night Mostly clear, with a low around 19. Wind chill values between 10 and 15. West wind 8 to 15 mph.

Sunrise: 7:12am

Sunset: 5:05pm

The weekend looks pleasant by January standards:


But next week could be another story:

So get out there and enjoy the balmy 30-degree temperatures, and if you need some help the Brooklyn Brewery has you covered with their Weekend Beer Forecast, which calls for...

Brooklyn Brewery

...Brooklyn Lager!

Brooklyn Lager

A classic winter weekend calls for our classic Brooklyn Lager. Its unique dry-hopped aroma and smooth finish are at home no matter where your adventures take you, whether you’re braving icy streets or holing up on the couch. Grab a bottle, or find it in cans for maximum portability .

As for braving the streets or holing up on the couch, an ideal weekend should involve plenty of both.

Speaking of the streets, via the tipline, here's something to watch out for on the East River bike path:

East Side Bikeway

On the east river bike path near the south seaport heliport there’s a spot before the Governors Island Ferry terminal where the bike path diverts on to the footpath because of a temporary work site - the groove between the two paths can catch your wheel especially when it’s raining. Three people from my office (me included) have wiped out at that spot this morning (which is every bike commuter from my office that takes that path).

I'll note it when I head down to the helipad for my weekly trip to my Hamptons house.

It's much better out there in January without all the riff-raff.

A little further uptown, Citi Bike will be increasing coverage in the East Village:

According to the DOT materials, there are 50 existing Citi Bike docking stations within the boundaries of Community Board 3*; 19 of those will see of expansion of anywhere between two and 27 bikes ... with four more stations added overall.

This is great news, but what we really need is some outfill:


And while de Blasio has pledged to increase bus speeds by keeping the bus lanes clear:

He'll make no such commitment to clear our chronically blocked bike lanes:

So until bike lanes move as many people as the bus he's not going to clear them, and instead he's going let them remain unusable.

Got it.

It's enough to send you into a fit of rage:

Sources say the Uber driver was travelling with two passengers near E. 40th Street and 5th Avenue when a man on a bike hit his rear window with his fist out of nowhere.

The driver turned onto another street to evade the bicyclist, but ran into gridlock. Sources say the bicyclist caught up with the vehicle and smashed its windshield with his bike lock.

Yes, of course hitting people and things with your u-lock is never even remotely okay, but this happened around E. 40th Street and 5th Avenue, and if you can ride through that part of town without feeling the urge to lash out then you're operating on a higher plane.

Of course we know the rage that boils up when a driver is cavalier with your life, and at least one news outlet spoke to cyclists about the dangers they face out on the streets.

Just kidding!  They declared the cyclist "emotionally disturbed" and spoke to someone who "has been a livery driver in the city for 20 years, and hasn't experienced anything like this, but is prepared for it:"

This is not to discount the many risks car service drivers face, but he can relax when it comes to people on bikes, lock-wielding cyclists are an abberation at best.

On the other hand, ask a cyclist who's been riding for 20 years how often they've had a run-in with a car driver, and they'll tell you they stopped counting 19 years ago.

Finally, yesterday evening some Park Slope residents held a group therapy session meeting about the 9th Street bike lane:

Sounds like they checked all the boxes:

Must be the Whoopi Effect.