Pedestrians' Lives Worth Less

New Study Shows $1.9 Million Spent For Each 1994 Motorist Death, Only $80,000 Spent For Each 1994 Pedestrian Death

A new study by the Transportation Alternatives and the Tri-State Transportation Campaign shows that transportation safety spending in New York City is completely out of line compared to the risks New Yorkers face on the City's streets. Even though annual New York City pedestrian fatalities routinely exceed annual motorist fatalities, New York City and State Transportation Departments together plan to spend over 22 times more public resources on motorist safety than pedestrian safety in the next five years.

95% of transportation safety spending in New York City goes to motor vehicle oriented projects. Out of 475 NYC traffic deaths, 212 (45%) were drivers, passengers in cars, or motorcyclists. 250 (52%) were pedestrians. 13 (3%) were bicyclists.