Vision Zero NYC: Zero deaths, zero injuries, zero fear of traffic

One New Yorker is killed on New York City streets and sidewalks every 35 hours. More than 50 percent of those killed are pedestrians. In 2008, there were 10,973 incidents of a driver hitting a pedestrian, more than one person hit by a car every hour. Shockingly, over 70,000 people were injured on New York City streets in 2008, enough people to fill Madison Square Garden three times over.

The majority of fatal traffic crashes are caused by vehicles committing moving violations which could and should be enforced against. Incidents of speeding, running red lights and failure to yield dominate our streets. New York City officials know where the most crash-prone intersections are located, they know which behaviors cause the most crashes and they know how to re-engineer a road to reduce the number of injuries and deaths there. T.A. works hard to make sure the city remains committed to staunching the most dangerous driving behaviors and making the most dangerous streets safer for all.

More New Yorkers are killed in traffic than are murdered by guns. In crash after crash, the NYPD refuses to criminally charge, or even issue traffic summonses to drivers whose behavior causes death or serious injury. The NYPD’s failure to protect pedestrians and cyclists is simply unacceptable.