Bike on Transit

Bicycling and mass transit are both antidotes to the congestion and pollution caused by automobile use. But for many travelers, neither form of transport alone can compete with the auto's combination of range, flexibility and convenience. Thanks to a T.A. campaign in the early 1990s, New York City's subways provide 24/7 access for bicycles. Unfortunately, we stand alone among large cities in failing to provide bike racks on buses. Commuter rail and ferries have various restrictions on bicycles, which are noted below. T.A. is actively working to maintain existing bike access, and avail more transit options to bicyclists who use more than one mode between destinations.

Read NYC Transit's policy on bikes on subways

Current Bikes-on-Transit Restrictions

See the Bicycles and Transit section of our Bicycle Blueprint Action Plan for our positions and commentary on integrating bikes into the public transportation system.