Bicycling is an easy and convenient transportation choice for more New Yorkers than ever. Thanks to T.A.’s tireless advocacy, bicycling has become a mainstream option that appeals to thousands of New Yorkers seeking the freedom—and health benefits—that bicycling brings.

To make bicycling safer for everyone, Transportation Alternatives helped win a citywide network of bicycling lanes. Bike lanes separate pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers, keeping everyone out of each other’s way and out of harm’s way.

T.A. has also helped make bicycling more accessible by working to bring a public bicycle sharing program to New York City. Bike share gives New Yorkers the option to easily extend their reach by grabbing a public-use bike from a local kiosk and dropping it off at another one at the end of the trip.

We’re always hearing demand in communities all over the city for safe and accessible bicycling and we won’t rest until we’ve delivered results for each neighborhood.