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February 22nd, 2019: Your Weekend Forecast

Pleasant weather to end the week:

Friday Weather

Friday Mostly sunny, with a high near 45. Wind chill values between 25 and 35 early. Northwest wind around 8 mph.

Friday Night Partly cloudy, with a low around 33. West wind around 6 mph becoming light and variable after midnight.

Sunrise: 6:41am

Sunset: 5:39pm

And then a mix of warm temperatures, rain, and wind to complete the clean-up over the weekend:

Weekend Weather

As for the Brooklyn Brewery Weekend Beer Forecast, it calls for...

Brooklyn Brewery

...Defender IPA!


Beat back the February weather with the help of our Defender IPA. Aromas of bright tropical fruit and its glowing golden body will cut through the clouds, while the refreshing edge and pleasant 5.5% ABV keep you safe from the winter blahs. All you need to worry about now is staying dry.

Who says you can't drink yourself into spring?

Remember that next week there could be partial closures on both the Queensboro and Williamsburg Bridge bike paths:

And of course watch out for over-exuberant ticketing:

Some bike blogger wrote a pretty good summation of the situation for Outside magazine recently:

You know all of this stuff already, but consider it a message in a bottle to the rest of the world.

Seems like they could be focussing on more pressing matters:

Elsewhere in Brooklyn, here's what happens when the DOT and the MTA engage in parallel play:

“The cyclists aren’t even using the bike lanes. They’re ending up on the sidewalk because there are so many cars here,” Rodriguez added.

The city says the section of bike lane in question will have to wait until the subway project is complete. That timetable is unknown.

Finally, speaking of bike lanes, add Natasha Lyonne and Seth Myers to the list of people who "love the environment but..."

For Russian Doll creator and star Natasha Lyonne, the fact that her daily life as a New York City fixture so closely mirrors that of her violent-death-prone character Nadia Vulvokov earns hardly a shrug. “When I get hit by a taxi, I won’t be surprised,” joked Lyonne on Wednesday’s Late Night With Seth Meyers. (And don’t get her started on those bike lanes.) 

Well, he does get her started on bike lanes, and at 2:58 in the second linked video, Lyonne declares them "the most problematic" thing in the city.  She goes on:

NL: ...the bicycles, the bicycles, Seth--

SM: -You're no fan of the bicycles...

NL: Listen, who loves the environment more than me?  And yet, this bicycle lane is a nightmare for the city.  Remember jaywalking?  Jaywalking was the best!  It was like, 'I'm a New Yorker, right?' ... and now, instead, it's bicycles zipping by in all directions--

SM--and again, I'm a fan of bikes as well, I don't want to be negative bikes ... my issue is when the bikes think they don't have to live by the traffic laws..

And so on.

Not that we should expect much from late night TV, but it's still kind of depressing when the dialog on a show with an ostensibly insightful host echoes the comments section of a Steve Cuozzo editorial.

They should have had Whoopi Goldberg on while they were at it, I'm sure they'd have lots to talk about.