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February 18th, 2019: Right Hand, Meet Left Hand

A messy start to the week:

Monday Weather

Washington's Birthday Sleet, possibly mixed with rain before 7am, then a chance of rain between 7am and 3pm. High near 43. Wind chill values between 30 and 35. Northeast wind 5 to 13 mph becoming west in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation is 80%. Little or no sleet accumulation expected.

Monday Night Mostly clear, with a low around 21. Wind chill values between 10 and 15. Northwest wind 10 to 17 mph.

Sunrise: 6:46am

Sunset: 5:34pm

Hey, if you don't like it, I'm sure your local Hyundai dealer is running some fantastic Presidents' Day lease specials!

Plenty of NYPD ticketing reported this past Friday:

Including this classic scene:

Sometimes you never know which NYPD you're gonna get--the one that leaveth its cars in the bike lane:

Or the one that taketh away:

By the way, what is a "self-enforced" zone?

Does that mean you get to decide your own penalty?

If so that's a fantastic idea.

Just give every cyclist in NYC a ticket book and leave the rest to us.

Of course it's great to see the NYPD towing dangerously parked vehicles, and it's also fantastic to see them busting an e-bike theft ring:

Even if they didn't have to look far for the perpetrators.

Speaking of which, the Guardian looks at the ebike crackdown and its impact on delivery workers:

“The Mayor has been clear that enforcement of this law should focus on businesses, not workers. That’s who the Police Department needs to be targeting,” wrote Seth Stein, spokesman for the mayor’s office, in a statement to the Guardian.

But data from NYPD paints a confusing picture over e-bike enforcement: 669 summons were given to individual riders in 2018, while only 210 were served to businesses. NYPD does not distinguish whether individual riders are using their bikes for commercial use in their data.

The city really thought this one through.